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This is the result of a Gallup survey for the year 2017. According to the survey, 70% of German workers perform their daily work with little or no commitment. Around 15% are even “actively discouraged.” This is also due to the executives. German companies would make more than 105 billion every year, if Germany would have better managers. The follow-up of dissatisfaction of employees are times absent and interior dismissals. So how do you increase employee motivation in the workplace, on which the success of the company ultimately depends? Fact is, whether an employee quits internally or is heavily involved in the job depends on the work of managers. Managers can only take appropriate measures, however, if they understand how motivation in the human brain works.

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Many surveys show: Most managers are convinced, that they are good and favoured leaders. 80 % are very pleased with their style of leadership. This self-perception does not reflect what employees are thinking. Less than 50 % do not see the collaboration with their managers as effective.


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Leadership principles come and go. Agility is today´s catchword for modern concepts of leadership and management. But is agility only a hackneyed buzzword or only a short-dated trend? This assumption is wrong. It is on the horizon, that the proceeding digitisation is dramatically and sustainably turning traditional paradigms upside down. Like in the 19th century when the industrial revolution was reshaping living conditions - until today. Even in our times many companies prefer a leadership style standing for control and obedience. The top level thinks and steers, lower levels do routine work in a most efficient style. But this leadership style does not work any more. Also because routine work is more and more done by machines, robots or software.

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You want to know if you are a great manager? Make our quiz and find out what type of manager you are.


1. The Open-Minded Manager

You develop a sense of empowerment and accountability within the team as you are open to new ideas, which leads to confidence in your team members. You don’t mind trial-and-error, so you still intervene when necessary to give a helping hand. As a flexible and open-minded manager, it creates an opportunity to use new ways of thinking, which greatly benefits the company. However, an open-minded manager can lead to gossip, where some employees may view “open-minded” as weakness, as you won’t give directions for them that might weaken their confidence. Want to find ways for improvement, scroll down to find out the 10 personality traits of a great boss.

2. The Coach

Any instruction that lasts longer than 10 seconds is coaching. To be a good coach, you don’t have to be an expert in the field, you just need to want to help someone achieve their goal. You are especially patient and concerned with helping others. As a coach, you are fundamentally concerned with the development of their goals and help them achieve them by setting learning opportunities and give them chances to work with different people. However, a coach is not a must for being a great boss, scroll down to find out the 10 personality traits of a great boss.

3. The Problem-Solving Manager

You are a task-driven boss, who focuses a lot on achieving goals. You have a big picture thinking ability, where you can assess the business and commercial impact of issues or challenges that might arise and react in an appropriate action. Of course, when your employees encounter obstacles and difficulties, you are willing to help them. As you have a high critical thinking ability, you think broadly and rigorously about issues and challenges which lead to your best solution. This could sometimes creates chaos in the business though due to your self-centeredness. Want to find out ways for improvement? Scroll down to find out the 10 personality traits of a great boss.


10 Personality Traits of a Great Boss

A bad boss can have a negative influence on employees results and lead to a low performance within the company. 50% of the employees quit their job due to their boss. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you have a great boss who offers you a motivated atmosphere in your workplace.

Here are the 10 personality traits of being a great boss:

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Generation Y brings a lot of changes. The working culture changed a lot compared to the generations before. The focus is not only on finding a job where you make a good amount of money.

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Drive your organization forward: Loop Now is the intelligent cloud solution for employee feedback.

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We believe every development starts with constructive feedback and we post about HR and leadership. Readers come here for useful how-to's, can't-miss tips and strategies. News about Loopline Systems will be posted here too.

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